The Coaching Team

Anna Francesca CelestinoAnna Francesca Celestino

Anna Francesca Celestino uses her gift for intuitive storytelling to find the story embedded in your subconscious that has shaped your life. As this structure is masterfully lifted, you are able to loosen hidden assumptions that have been holding you back. Employing her skill as an emotional healer, Anna helps you re-weave a new ending, providing specific tools to redirect deeply patterned energy so your storyline is indelibly changed.

Ben GrundeBen Grunde

Certified masseur Ben Grunde uses the body’s innate power to drive structural and functional realignment. His refined perception and sensitive touch combine pressure and movement, coaxing tight tissues to open and the nervous system to release patterned muscle contraction. Ben’s yoga classes are also portals into awareness that translates into respect for and understanding of your body. His presence calls out the stillness and trust that are essential for profound healing.

Debra SilvermanDebra Silverman

When you hit a big turning point, it is sometimes useful to look at the celestial context of the juncture. Debra combines her training as a therapist and a strong intuition with her mastery as an astrologer. She’ll nurture, say the truth, offer a mirror to reflect exactly what is going on, or pave your way with humor, always as a champion for your full emergence. She deserves the international acclaim she has earned.

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Michael CecilMichael Cecil

Attunement is an approach to healing based on the premise that the body is a dynamic expression of a deeper spiritual self. It is an off-body energy practice often focused through the endocrine system, bringing the recipient into vital connection with a place of inner stillness, peace and wellness. Michael’s Attunement practice has deepened over the 50 years he has dedicated to its service.

Kim Rose Keller

Kim Rose Keller

Kim Keller is a student of Tantra and sex educator from Ashland, Oregon. She has extensive experience in intimacy and sex coaching for women, men and couples. She especially delights in sharing and discussing intimate topics that support her sisters in finding more joy, vitality, healing and bliss through the portal of sacred sexuality and self-love.

Dr. Robin Miller, MDDr. Robin Miller, MD

Dr. Robin Miller is an accomplished author, blogger, television personality and most importantly, an internist who specializes in Integrative Medicine. She brings her vast experience to each patient encounter and evaluation. Patients can expect a thorough exam that includes state-of-the-art testing and a visit that is focused entirely on the patient’s mind, body and spirit. Her approach is personal, personable and professional.