Barbara Cecil, Author of Coming Into Your Own

“With Barbara’s partnership, I trust the future will take care of itself and I will have played my part, truly.”

–Louis Gardiner

Barbara Cecil’s Master’s degree in speech communication and human relations has supported her in her calling to assist individuals, groups, teams, and organizations toward the full manifestation of their creative potential. For twenty years she worked in various parts of the world as a consultant specializing in large systems change with an emphasis on organizational learning. For eight years she served as an associate dean of the School of Humanities at California State University, Long Beach.

In her work in the former Soviet Union, South Africa, the Near East, Europe and North America, Barbara witnessed the effects of women finding their voices and assuming their full stature. Believing that the serious challenges facing the world at this time need the perspective, sensitivities, and collaborative instincts of feminine leadership, she began to support women coming into their own. Since 1995, when she began mentoring young women leaders, Barbara has created refined settings in which women from all walks of life discover the unique expressions of their personal and work lives and, most importantly, come into alignment with the beauty and uniqueness of their innermost beings.

Barbara has been trained by Joanna Macy to introduce “Active Hope,” assisting those who are trying to find their footing and contribution in a time when severe damage and collapse of global systems (ecological, social, economic, etc.) is impacting humanity, the web of life and future generations. A massive transition is underway from an unsustainable way of living to a global civilization rooted in equity, peace and environmental stewardship.

Barbara lives in Ashland, Oregon, where she spends happy hours in her painting studio. She loves her yoga practice and walks nearly everyday with her dog on the high mountains, loving this earth and giving thanks for its immense generosity. Barbara is available for virtual coaching, presentations, programs facilitation and for intensives that take place in Ashland. She also trains coaches and therapists in the use of The Symbols Way to support clients during transitions and key turning points in their lives.