• I am committed to building the conditions in our personal and collective lives that nourish the radiant, creative truth of who we are.

  • I help people who are outgrowing their current life scenarios, who want to make choices that reflect their beauty, well-being and innate gifts.

  • Together we awaken the inner guidance system that knows about direction and timing.

  • We cross thresholds into new stages of life.

  • We find our stance in the colossal decline and reconstitution playing out all around us at this time in history.

  • We connect soundly with each one’s essential nature, and strengthen capacity to unfold one’s life from this base. And we land practical, courageous next steps into the future.

Barbara Cecil, Author of Coming Into Your OwnThe gift and steady agitation of my life has been the relentless internal pressure for growth and transformation, both in myself and in the world we have inherited. I have come to a sure-footedness and optimism born of grounding in a deeper storyline under the rough and tumble of these times. Above all else, I cherish and nurture direct experience of the ever-present field of pure generativity from which we come. I work to heal experience that obscures connection with this ground of being.

Coming Into Your Own - A Woman's Guide Through Life TransitionsIf your life is falling apart, or you are feeling confused or disoriented in the wake of loss or are reaching for a deeper sense of self in the next stage of your life, here is a clear map to guide and support you through the terrain of change. Barbara’s experience with hundreds of women in the throes of transition, translates into wisdom that redefines what it means to be a woman at this time. Grounded practices and candid stories from these women will light the way along your unique path. ~ Glennifer Gillespie

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